Upgrading / New iVeri Client to 4.0.2 installation

Technical questions relating to the Java iVeri Client integration
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Setting Up Your Environment
To make use of iVeriClient 4.0.2 you need at least JDK / JRE 8.
For the purpose of this exercise i will assume that you will be making use of the following directories as your iVeri Client Working Directory.
  • For Linux = /usr/iVeriClient
    For Windows = C:\iVeriClient
    Please Note
    This directory does not have to be the same as above. However it has to be a directory that the user running your application will have access to.
    Create your working directory
    To set the environment variable iVeriClient_Home you need to locate your bashrc file and add the following at the bottom of the file:
    iVeriClient_Home= /usr/iVeriClient
    that the directory "/usr/iVeriClient" needs to be created before you start the process as discussed above.
    You may be required to reboot the machine after updating your bashrc file .
    Right Click Computer -> Properties
    Click on Advanced System Settings
    Click on Environment Variables
    Under System Variables click on New.
    Variable Name = iVeriClient_Home
    Variable Value = C:\iVeriClient
    that the directory "C:\iVeriClient" needs to be created before you start the process as discussed above.
    You may be required to reboot the machine after updating your Environment Variables.
    Click on OK

    If Upgrading from a previous version and Running iVeri Client for the first time
    • locate and open your existing iVeriClient.config on %Java_Home%/lib/ivieri and copy the DefaultCertificateID under your current gateway. This will be under the gateway name you are making use of.

      Code: Select all

    • Please ensure that there is no existing iVeriClient.jar in your %Java_Home%/lib/. If it exist, please move it or delete the file.
    • Place your new iVeriClient.jar in your %Java_Home%/lib/ directory. You will have download the new iVeri Client .Java 4.0.2 from Click Here
    • Run the following command on your Command Prompt or Terminal.
      • java ClientConfig
    • You may be prompted to choose a default gateway you will be making use of
      • please enter nedbank for the Nedbank gateway or enter host for other banks.
    • Now the following will be desplayed
    • Now capture your default certificate as shown below
    • You may now perform your "ApplicationID ping iVeri Gateway" to ensure your setup is correct.

    For New Installation or Requesting for a new certificate
    • Please login to Backoffice using the Administrator credentials.
    • Go to Menu item Certificate -> Manage Certificates
    • Click on "New Certificate" at the top of the page
    • Fill in the required info. Also note the the password field is required. Once done, click on the box at the bottom of the fields.
      • Should you not be presented with the page above, please contact your local support team and ask them to move you to the new certificate chain.
      • Once you are moved to the new certificate chain then you no longer be able to request for a new cert using an older version of iVeri Client.
    • Download your certificate and place it in your iVeriClient_Home directory
    • Now run your iVeriClient Utility and set the default certificate id as shown below.

    Optional Set Certificate Authentication
    Please note that by default this is set to NO.
    This must not be set to yes if you are making use of a Certificate ID that may have been requested on an old iVeri Client(Version 3, 2 , 1 ).
    Should you wish to set this to yes the you may do the following
    • The password prompted for is the password that you created in Backoffice while requesting for the certificate
Now You may make use of your new iVeriClient.Jar on your application
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